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Jeremy Alaban returns to Disorder Gallery with a follow up to his 2018 exhibition 'Urbanism II: After Artamour'.

Inspired by the city streets around Darlinghurst, Alaban combines sculptural elements and textural canvases, complemented by a unique palate, to create his signature abstracted urban landscapes. Urbanism II presents a new series of works by Alaban, each representing an element of love, softening the edges of our concrete existence.

Join us for opening night of 'Urbanism II: After Artamour' On Thursday March 14th from 6-8pm at Disorder Gallery.

‘Urbanism II: After Artamour’ runs through March 30th.

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The drawings and sculptures of Shu Kwan grow organically in response to the space the work occupies. Art and place feed off each other with rigorous adherence to an underlying grid structure, which ironically frees him to explore form, line, colour, shape, texture and mass.

His sculptures and wall assemblages, made from found and discarded items, sourced from his domestic and urban environment, are a response to the objects themselves, focused on their surface properties and the manipulations they invite. Through the process of transformation these “waste” objects are reshaped and harmonised to create calm and striking pieces that reimagine the viewer’s world.

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Join us for the opening of D/O.19 Shu Kwan's Degrees of Possibility on Thursday, August 2nd from 6-8pm at Disorder Gallery.

Urbanism at Disorder Gallery

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Bringing together bits and pieces of the world around us, Jeremy Alaban portrays a unique perspective on the character of city living. 


Jeremy Alaban's 'Urbanism' Opens May 31st from 6-8pm and will run through June 16th.

Jeremy's work will also be on display during the upcoming Art Night Walk East Sydney. Wednesday June 6th from 6-8pm, Disorder Gallery joins 9 other local galleries in keeping our doors open for visitors to warm up with a bit of art and glass of wine. 


So whether you come to the opening night of 'Urbanism' or join us for the Winter Art Night Walk, be sure to stop by Disorder Gallery to take in a bit of landscape.