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Disorder Gallery presents a celebration of form, colour, shape, paper, print, paint, themes, subjects, stories and all things Disorder with D/O.35 Multifarious!

From October 16th - November 16th, Disorder Gallery is showcasing a rotating collection of artwork in any and every size and shape we can puzzle together into the enigmatic space behind Door 108.

Multifarious! presents a sample of the array of artwork in the Disorder Collection, an ever expanding catalogue of works from all over the world, alongside works of many emerging and established artists we’ve exhibited since first opening our doors on March 1st, 2017.

These works are available to take home as soon as they’re purchased, with many more waiting to go on display, so pick your favourite piece and take home your own little bit of Disorder today.

Opening Event

Thursday October 31st


Join us for a come-as-you-are celebration of D/O.35 Multifarious! and our ever growing Disorder Collection this all-hallows-eve, Thursday October 31st from 6-8pm at Disorder Gallery.

Even More Disorder

Disorder Collection, Online CatalogueElliott Cole

Disorder Gallery is proud to now have available in our online Disorder Collection, an extensive selection of unique posters from the world of movies, music, punk, and all things disorder.

Be sure to check out, not only our new poster section, but also all the new additions throughout our online shop. If we have it, you will find it at disordergallery.com.

Find out more about this super cool 1970’s anarchist poster in our new ‘Poster’ section

Find out more about this super cool 1970’s anarchist poster in our new ‘Poster’ section