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Conversations about art and life are central to the long term friendship of Dave Teer and Stuart Humphreys. Over the years, they’ve been lucky enough to discuss, develop and explore ideas regarding their respective art practices, which ultimately become aspects of their work. 


Dave Teer

My offering began life with the idea of a joint collage exhibition and continued on with myself diverging into the world of enamel spray paint and stencils. The final works are an amalgam of motifs derived from maps, street discards and other physical remnants of everyday work life for me. They are both what's left behind, what has been lost, and what is yet to be discovered.


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Stuart Humphreys

I use my paintings as raw material for collage. There is something in the way the paint has been applied and the palette I use, that ties the pieces together. Nearly all of the paintings in my collages were originally created as paintings in their own right. My paintings have largely been abstract in nature, so for some of the works in this exhibition to appear as representational as they do, is quite a surprise to me. There is a lightness and simplicity in the work which appeals to me and a significant shift in my usual approach, which is to discard any elements that could be interpreted as a representation of something recognisable.  


Two Views is a representation of Dave Teer and Stuart Humphreys continued conversations and friendship - long may it carry on. Please join us for opening night of Two Views, Thursday August 16th from 6-8pm at Disorder Gallery


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Born in 1984 Tehran, Iran. Bahman Kermany is a young emerging artist currently based in Sydney.  Bahman Kermany now brings his exhibition Oryan II to Disorder Gallery.

Kermany_Bahman_portrait of Zan on red blanket_charcoal & oil stick_102x76cm.jpeg.jpg

These works are based on the Iranian book, “Faces of two women” by Saidi Sirjani in which he examined the 12 century Nezami’s manuscript of Leyli and Majnun. Having established himself as a great romantic poet in Persian literature, Nezami took the story of Arabic origin (Leyli & Majnun) and transcribed it as a romantic love story.

Oryan II is an exhibition that explores the relationship between History and mythology. “Oryan” in Farsi indicates the bareness of the truth, and also points to another aspect, whether the work is based on History or mythology, it will always contain traces of both.

Kermany Bahman_leyli II_oil on linen_76x56cm.jpg

Join us for the opening of D/O.18 Bahman Kermany's Oryan II on Thursday, July 19th from 6-8pm at Disorder Gallery.

Sarah White's Imagined Illustrations

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Sarah White's Imagined Illustrations opened to a great crowd last week. With 29 original ink drawings on display, there was no shortage of beautifully detailed images for viewers to enjoy.

With graphic simplicity and intricate line work, Sarah presents the essential essence of each image. Like a frame from a film or a snapshot from a fashion shoot, she captures a moment of emotion with a hint of elegance.  Her crisp imagery, inspired by fashion and fantasy, invites the viewer to see a bit of themselves in the imagined stories presented.

Sarah White's Imagined Illustrations is on now through April 28th at Disorder Gallery and her collection of drawings is also available in our online catalogue