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Urbanism at Disorder Gallery

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Bringing together bits and pieces of the world around us, Jeremy Alaban portrays a unique perspective on the character of city living. 


Jeremy Alaban's 'Urbanism' Opens May 31st from 6-8pm and will run through June 16th.

Jeremy's work will also be on display during the upcoming Art Night Walk East Sydney. Wednesday June 6th from 6-8pm, Disorder Gallery joins 9 other local galleries in keeping our doors open for visitors to warm up with a bit of art and glass of wine. 


So whether you come to the opening night of 'Urbanism' or join us for the Winter Art Night Walk, be sure to stop by Disorder Gallery to take in a bit of landscape.

Bringing Sculptural Structure to Disorder

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Picking up the threads of minimalism, kinetic art and optical art from the 60s, the work of Alan Rose is reminiscent of a time when art became less about the emotional state of the artist than the mental state of the viewer. The approach to his unique sculptural pieces links with Sol LeWitt’s conceptualism, where “planning and decision-making are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair”. 

Using no direct representation, Alan’s art operates from the universal to the particular and investigates the boundary between order and chaos.


Join us for the opening of D/O.15 Alan Rose on May 3rd 6-8pm at Disorder Gallery.

Sarah White's Imagined Illustrations

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Sarah White's Imagined Illustrations opened to a great crowd last week. With 29 original ink drawings on display, there was no shortage of beautifully detailed images for viewers to enjoy.

With graphic simplicity and intricate line work, Sarah presents the essential essence of each image. Like a frame from a film or a snapshot from a fashion shoot, she captures a moment of emotion with a hint of elegance.  Her crisp imagery, inspired by fashion and fantasy, invites the viewer to see a bit of themselves in the imagined stories presented.

Sarah White's Imagined Illustrations is on now through April 28th at Disorder Gallery and her collection of drawings is also available in our online catalogue

Ethereal Energy Inside The Disorder

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Catherine Hourihan's The Silent Thoughts of Statues opened last night to a crowd of friends and fans alike, who poured into Disorder Gallery while it poured outside. 

Catherine's skilfully crafted photographs, exploring perceptions surrounding sensuality of the body, ageing, mortality and the feminine psyche, have brought a breath of ethereal air to Disorder Gallery. These beautiful works, available as signed limited edition prints, will be on display through April 7th. So be sure to stop by Disorder Gallery to take home your own slice of the silence.


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Disorder Gallery brings you a multi-media, performative, photographic exhibition from Catherine Hourihan with The Silent Thoughts of Statues.


Pushing photography to the edge, Catherine Hourihan takes the viewer on a walk down the light and the dark side. Through ethereal ‘hi key’ portraits, evoking sublime purity, and shadowy, sensual imagery, this exhibition explores the interior of the feminine psyche.

Surreal, otherworldly imagery is created through artful lighting, makeup and effects created in camera with minimal use of Photoshop. Hourihan works with dancer models and accesses her own dance background to make arresting, visceral, imagery that investigates perceptions surrounding the sensuality of the body, ageing and mortality.

Velvet Roses 47.jpg

The Silent Thoughts of Statues opens on Thursday March 22nd from 6-8pm and will run through April 7th only at Disorder Gallery.

Take a Night Walk through a Subconscious Landscape

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Disorder Gallery will close 'Electric Pin Ups and Acid Soda' this weekend, but will soon open 'A New Way of Seeing

These unique works from Brenton Schwab portray a life long passion for discovery, combined with keen observation and drawing skills. Brenton began drawing in the 1980s as a way to describe microscopic organisms. It was through this scientific practice that Brenton found “a new way of seeing” and a need to further his exploration of art. 

Letting his instinctive visual language take over, the randomness of chance marks driven by his subconscious create an unexpected conversation on the canvas, producing his unique landscapes. 

Easter 17 Schwab2017 75x61cm acrylic on 6mm marine plywood.jpg

 'A New Way of Seeing' Opens Friday March 9th 6-8pm, and will also be open during this season's Art Night Walk East Sydney. So if you can't make opening night, please join us March 15th from 6-8pm for a glass of wine and a journey through a subconscious landscape. Maps will be available in all the participating galleries.