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Disorder Gallery brings you a multi-media, performative, photographic exhibition from Catherine Hourihan with The Silent Thoughts of Statues.


Pushing photography to the edge, Catherine Hourihan takes the viewer on a walk down the light and the dark side. Through ethereal ‘hi key’ portraits, evoking sublime purity, and shadowy, sensual imagery, this exhibition explores the interior of the feminine psyche.

Surreal, otherworldly imagery is created through artful lighting, makeup and effects created in camera with minimal use of Photoshop. Hourihan works with dancer models and accesses her own dance background to make arresting, visceral, imagery that investigates perceptions surrounding the sensuality of the body, ageing and mortality.

Velvet Roses 47.jpg

The Silent Thoughts of Statues opens on Thursday March 22nd from 6-8pm and will run through April 7th only at Disorder Gallery.

Take a Night Walk through a Subconscious Landscape

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Disorder Gallery will close 'Electric Pin Ups and Acid Soda' this weekend, but will soon open 'A New Way of Seeing

These unique works from Brenton Schwab portray a life long passion for discovery, combined with keen observation and drawing skills. Brenton began drawing in the 1980s as a way to describe microscopic organisms. It was through this scientific practice that Brenton found “a new way of seeing” and a need to further his exploration of art. 

Letting his instinctive visual language take over, the randomness of chance marks driven by his subconscious create an unexpected conversation on the canvas, producing his unique landscapes. 

Easter 17 Schwab2017 75x61cm acrylic on 6mm marine plywood.jpg

 'A New Way of Seeing' Opens Friday March 9th 6-8pm, and will also be open during this season's Art Night Walk East Sydney. So if you can't make opening night, please join us March 15th from 6-8pm for a glass of wine and a journey through a subconscious landscape. Maps will be available in all the participating galleries. 


Derby, Decks, Dark Dolls and Dark Disco at Disorder

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Electric Pin Ups and Acid Soda, the latest exhibition from artist and designer LIPSTIK, opened this week at Disorder Gallery.  The crowd, led in by ladies on roller skate, were treated to LIPSTIK's decadent designs along with luscious live beats from SEX DATA.

'Electric Pin Ups and Acid Soda' features a huge range of unique designs available as prints, skate decks, t-shirts and even product packaging.  These works are only available at Disorder Gallery and will only be on display until the end of February. So be sure to stop by and pick-up the LIPSTIK of your choice while you still can.


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Disorder Gallery launches into 2018 with Fast food, Neon signs, Disco, Roller Derby, Voodoo, Luxury & Decadence, brought to you by artist and designer LIPSTIK


Born in France in 1976, LIPSTIK has conducted graphic research since 2000, inspired by the late 70’s Soft Porn and Junk Culture. His mutant Pin-ups, such as timeless amazons, pose in a flashy, super-sexy and pre-apocalyptic world in which technical graphic symbols from packaging turn into metaphysical abstractions. Ecstasy, lust and fetishized consumer goods become one.

In a unique retro-futuristic aesthetic sourced from street and skateboard culture, Punk and Pop art, the artist combines photomontage with vector graphics. The pure lines and the skin rendering delicacy of Art Nouveau female models merge with the electric colours and style of the 80’s airbrush painting. 

LIPSTIK, iconic figure of Montreal’s underground art scene, will be taking over Disorder Gallery on February 1st with “Electric Pin Ups & Acid Soda” This unique exhibition combines graphics, video, music and LIPSTIK’s unique brand of ‘products’. 

“Electric Pin-Ups & Acid Soda” opens on February 1st from 6-8pm complemented by live music from the futuristic, psychedelic, SEX DATA.


The Gift of Disorder

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Disorder Gallery is celebrating the end of our very first year and an exciting beginning to the next with D/O.9 & D/O.10.  These new DO's, spanning from 2017 into 2018, feature highlights from the Disorder Collection along with work from some of the amazing artists we've showcased throughout our first year.


D/O.9 & D/O.10 is on now and features work from; Copyright, Dalek, Huck Gee, Ileana Hunter, K-Guy, Prefab 77, Pure Evil, Rone and Shepard Fairey...

...alongside highlights from Disorder Gallery's first year including; Boyd Sanday, Mike Smith, Ivor Cole, Bill Davies, Rob Brown, FRIDA LAS VEGAS and Michael Saker.

All this... and more... is up right now at Disorder Gallery.  We will be open through December 23rd so now is the perfect time to stop by and grab the gift of Disorder for the holidays.

Painting Outside the Lines

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Disorder Gallery is ‘disrupting the regular’ once again, with new paintings by Ivor Cole in Art in The Modern World.  This bold, brilliantly executed work, showcases Cole's unique take on Modern Art complemented by his unmistakeable cheeky humour.


Imagine Andy Warhol’s last soup can finally being opened, Jackson Pollock working with new brushes and Jaspers Johns’ iconic "Flag" being invaded by the red star. Cole says this exhibition is his way of “paying homage to the painters that opened my eyes, pulling me away from the Constable prints that were splayed on living room walls as I grew up in South London. These works represent some of the 20th century artists that I most respect... but with a twist”

 Ivor Cole under his painting "The Poet Smiles" at Disorder Gallery

Ivor Cole under his painting "The Poet Smiles" at Disorder Gallery

In Cole's own words "This exhibition is by way of an homage to the artists that shook my way of seeing and set me on a road that I am still traveling. Art in the 20th century, visual art, changed the way we view the world. It picked up the mantle from the movements of the 19th century and challenged our complacency as an audience. It shook the apple tree and exotic fruit fell. We are still dining on this fruit."

Art in the Modern World is up now through December 10th and available to preview in Disorder Gallery's online shopArt in the Modern World will also be on display during the upcoming East Sydney Art Night Walk.  So be sure to join us on December 6th from 6-8pm for a glass of wine with a twist of humor.


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Ivor Cole, one of the Enfants Terribles of the 70's and 80's Sydney art scene, is back with a new exhibition, his first solo in over 15 years in Sydney. Cole, who had a succession of successful exhibitions with Gisella Schienberg's Holdsworth Gallery, is now offering up... 

Art In The Modern World


After dropping out of the limelight during the 90's Cole was, in his own words, "beavering away in the studio recovering from a miasma of drugs and several tempestuous relationships". 

At the turn of the millennia Cole upped sticks and moved far from Sydney to the top end - Darwin. As well as showing in several galleries in Darwin, he says he was "working away on behalf of the mostly neglected Territory artists and producing copious new works". 

In 2003 Cole formed the Gallery Sometimes project in Darwin showcasing local artists working in the western style. Gallery Sometimes was a series of pop ups, at one time running 15 spaces in the CBD. He also secured the first legal street art site in central Darwin. 

Now residing in Bali for most of the year, in 2016 he was invited to join the Bali Artists Camp, a government sponsored art initiative, as the sole non Indonesian artist. 

"Art In The Modern World" Cole says is his way of "paying homage to the painters that opened my eyes, pulling me away from the Constable prints that were splayed on living room walls as I grew up in South London, these works represent some of the 20th century artists that I most respect... but with a twist"


D/O.8 Art in the Modern World opens at Disorder Gallery on November 23rd from 6-8pm.

A little bit of Darwin in Darlinghurst

Online Catalogue, D/OElliott Cole

Celebrating the unusual, iconic beauty of Australia's Northern Territory, Disorder Gallery
brings together the work of four artists from Darwin in its current exhibition
Top End Edge.

With works exploring the colour, texture, light and wilderness of a landscape that is
both harsh and welcoming, lush and desolate, Top End Edge presents a unique slice of
life straight from twelve degrees south.

Through a mix of style and subject matter, artists Alison Dowell, Linda Joy, Miranda Roussel and Alison Worsnop present Sydneysiders with a local's perspective on the hot tropical north. 

Top End Edge is currently available online in Disorder Gallery's "On Now" section but only for a limited time. So be sure to check out the Top End Edge catalogue while you still can. 

Top End Edge will only be in Sydney from October 26th – November 12th. Come by Disorder Gallery and explore this bit of Darwin in Darlinghurst.

Disorder Gallery would to thank the Northern Territory government for their sponsorship and support.

Win Michael Saker's KNOT OF THIS WORLD

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Fan's of Michael Saker's work now have the chance to win one of his paintings and help a wonderful new initiative at the same time.  Michael has generously donated KNOT OF THIS WORLD, which was recently on display at Disorder Gallery, to the very first Loud Shirt Friday.


Loud Shirt Friday is an initiative created by medical professionals to raise aware of suicide amongst their colleagues, and help to build a network of support for those who are most often looked to for their kindness and empathy.

"Loud Shirt Friday allows all hospital staff to show support and help raise awareness. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and all allied health staff will be asked to don a loud shirt and show support. A day full of colour whilst not losing sight of the sombre realities that have prompted the event. Reminding us all to look out for each other, ensure we debrief when tragedy strikes and provide an ear or shoulder when one is required"

The inaugural Loud Shirt Friday takes place this Friday October 20th.  Show your support by pledging a donation through Beyond Blue, and be automatically entered into the draw to take home this amazing Michael Saker painting.

Top End Down South

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Disorder Gallery is once again proud to host a collection of artists from Australia's top end in D/O.7 Top End Edge.  Bringing together four artists from Darwin, Disorder Gallery presents a diverse range of works inspired by the unique environment at 12 degrees south.  


D/O.7 Top End Edge runs from October 26th - November 12th and features the work of:

Alison Dowell

Linda Joy

Miranda Roussel

Alison Worsnop

Warm up for summer with these works from the hot tropical North and join us for the opening night celebration of D/O.7 Top End Edge on Thursday October 26th from 6-8pm.


Illustrations Now Online

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D/O.6 Illustrations opened last week to a wonderful crowd on a lovely spring evening.  

D/O.6, on now until October 15th, features the skilled work of artists Aaron Maestri, Clare Cook, Dinalie Dabarera, Samantha Denmark and Irma Calabrese.  Now, their diverse range of work is not only available in our Darlinghurst Gallery but also in Disorder Gallery's online shop.

Be sure to stop by and check out these incredibly detailed and varied works while you still can, and take home an original drawing or limited edition print from the Disorder Gallery Shop.


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Bringing together the distinct work of these five very different artists, Disorder Gallery is excited to showcase this broad variety of both style and subject matter, produced with just pen and pencil.

D/O.6 Illustrations features the work of:

Samantha Denmark

  Samantha Denmark

Aaron Maestri


Clare Cook

  Clare Cook

Dinalie Dabarera

  Dinalie Dabarera

Irma Calabrese

  Irma Calabrese

Please join us for our opening night celebration of D/O.6 Illustrations on Thursday September 28th from 6-8pm.

The work of Michael Saker

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Both old and new fans of Michael Saker's work came together at Disorder Gallery to celebrate the opening of his latest and very first show since 1996.  Disorder Gallery is proud to exhibit these new paintings produced with the assistance of Michael's 20 year old son, Wolfgang.

 The crowd on opening night of Michael Saker at Disorder Gallery
 Michael Saker posing for a photo in front of his painting 'CUDDLE LOVE'

Michael Saker posing for a photo in front of his painting 'CUDDLE LOVE'

 Michael Saker palm reading on opening night of 'The Work of Michael Saker' at Disorder Gallery

Michael Saker palm reading on opening night of 'The Work of Michael Saker' at Disorder Gallery

We're also happy be able to add Michael's work to our online shop. His unique style and bold palate make a wonderful addition to our diverse catalogue of works. But seeing them in person is a must. So stop by Disorder Gallery and check out the work of Michael Saker, up now through September 10th.

Michael Saker 'LOVE MUST'


D/O, Event, OpeningElliott Cole

Disorder Gallery is proud to present D/O.5 the work of Michael Saker.

Though often unrecognised since his career began in the late 70s, Michael's diverse history includes exhibitions of his work throughout Sydney and Australia, large scale murals, book and record cover designs, performance videos and roles as an art critic.

Still an underground painter, Michael remains a prolific artist and fixture in the Darlinghurst community.  Showing for the first time since 1996, Michael will present new works produced with the assistance of his son Wolfgang.

D/O.5 The work of Michael Saker

D/O.5 The work of Michael Saker will open on August 25th from 6-8pm and will be on display at Disorder Gallery until September 10th. 

Big, Bright, Bold and Beautiful

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It was a parade of colour at last week's opening of 'The Bold & The Beautiful', the first solo show for artist and designer FRIDA LAS VEGAS.

 Artist FRIDA LAS VEGAS in front of her works 'Diana' 'Double Bay Fantasy' and 'Stephanie' at Disorder Gallery   Photo by @danielnoonephoto

Artist FRIDA LAS VEGAS in front of her works 'Diana' 'Double Bay Fantasy' and 'Stephanie' at Disorder Gallery   Photo by @danielnoonephoto

Disorder Gallery hosted a record crowd and poured enough libations to fill every glass in the house, proving that disorder knows no limits.  

There is still a collection of FRIDA LAS VEGAS prints and some incredible original works available only at Disorder Gallery and only on display until August 20th. So be sure to visit us this week to pickup something bold and beautiful for yourself.

FRIDA LAS VEGAS 'The Bold & The Beautiful'

D/O, Event, OpeningElliott Cole

Disorder Gallery is excited to announce its upcoming show D/O.4 'The Bold & The Beautiful' from Sydney based Artist and Designer FRIDA LAS VEGAS.

FRIDA LAS VEGAS 'The Bold & The Beautiful'

FRIDA LAS VEGAS, aka Stavroula Adameitis, will bring her unique, humorous and glamorous brand of Australian Pop Art to Disorder Gallery for her first solo art exhibition.

'The Bold & The Beautiful' will feature a collection of original FRIDA LAS VEGAS artworks and limited-edition prints celebrating the excesses of the 1980s, referencing everything from ‘Double Bay glamazons’ to the much-loved characters from the world’s most-watched soap opera of all time, The Bold & The Beautiful.

A heightened 1980s aesthetic defines the FRIDA LAS VEGAS razzle-dazzle universe of turbocharged V8 glamour, celebrating all things flashy and trashy across the mediums of visual art, illustration, fashion, video & jewellery.

“Glamour is a universal language that transcends generations. Growing up in suburban Australia during the late 1980s, I idolized larger-than-life women whose hair was only eclipsed in height by the cloud of perfume they left behind", says Stavroula.

"Creating wearable art in jewellery form was the first stage of the FRIDA LAS VEGAS journey, so it was a natural progression to upscale my vision to the walls of Disorder Gallery. I'm super stoked to share this next step of my creative journey and move upwards and onwards into an infinitely more fabulous future of electronic deluxe pop".

Opening night will feature a scent installation by Jasmine award-winning fragrance writer and scent maker, Ainslie Walker of Scentsmith in collaboration with FRIDA LAS VEGAS.

'The Bold & The Beautiful' Opens Thursday August 3rd from 6pm-8pm, find us on facebook to RSVP for the event so you too join the 'The Bold & The Beautiful'. 

The Disorder Grows

Elliott Cole

Disorder Gallery has been busy!  In addition to planning ongoing shows and events, we have been expanding our signature collection of diverse works from all over the world.  More is being added to our online Shop every day, and even more one of kind works are available in our Darlinghurst gallery.

The Disorder Collection at Disorder Gallery

Our current display of the Disorder Collection, will only be up through this weekend, but soon our website will include (almost) everything the Disorder Collection has to offer.  This includes works from world renowned artists, Shepard Fairey, Pure Evil, Rone, Prefab77, Copyright, K-Guy and many, many... many more.  


Check out our Shop, browse through the Disorder Collection and discover your new favourite artist.


Elliott Cole

It may be cold out there, but Disorder Gallery is giving you two great reasons to head out this week.  June 7th is not only the opening of D/O.3 'Lay Low' a photography show by the talented Sam James, but it's also the first official Art Night East Sydney.  

 'Krazy Bob, Sydney, 2011' by Sam James

'Krazy Bob, Sydney, 2011' by Sam James

In addition to the wine and warm welcomes you'll be getting from Disorder Gallery, you'll also be able to visit 9 other galleries that will all be keeping their doors open late so they can share some winter warmth with fellow art lovers.  You can collect a map from us, wander your way around the neighbourhood, and probably make it back again before the night is through.

So don't let the start of winter hold you captive.  Come out and celebrate 'Lay Low' and Art Night East Sydney from 6-8pm this Wednesday June 7th at Disorder Gallery.


Elliott Cole

We are proud to present this eclectic group of artists straight from Darwin, NT, showing together exclusively at Disorder Gallery. 

This group of self declared Larrikins are presenting a mixed bag of work featuring a unique brand of pride and humour straight from Australia’s top end.

Join us for the opening of D/O.2 “The Push From The Bush” at Disorder Gallery, May 18th 6-8pm.

Getting Ready for Visitors

Elliott Cole

Disorder Gallery is in the process of preparing for our next show D/O.2.  We'll be presenting work by an eclectic mix of artists all the way from Darwin, NT in "The Push from the Bush".  Stay tuned for more info about D/O.2 and the group of larrikins headed into Sydney this May.  

In the meantime, here's a sample platter of the coming smorgasboard to wet your whistle.  

RobBrown.ThePatriot Diaries#8.jpg

We hope to see you all at our opening in May!