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Born in 1984 Tehran, Iran. Bahman Kermany is a young emerging artist currently based in Sydney.  Bahman Kermany now brings his exhibition Oryan II to Disorder Gallery.

Kermany_Bahman_portrait of Zan on red blanket_charcoal & oil stick_102x76cm.jpeg.jpg

These works are based on the Iranian book, “Faces of two women” by Saidi Sirjani in which he examined the 12 century Nezami’s manuscript of Leyli and Majnun. Having established himself as a great romantic poet in Persian literature, Nezami took the story of Arabic origin (Leyli & Majnun) and transcribed it as a romantic love story.

Oryan II is an exhibition that explores the relationship between History and mythology. “Oryan” in Farsi indicates the bareness of the truth, and also points to another aspect, whether the work is based on History or mythology, it will always contain traces of both.

Kermany Bahman_leyli II_oil on linen_76x56cm.jpg

Join us for the opening of D/O.18 Bahman Kermany's Oryan II on Thursday, July 19th from 6-8pm at Disorder Gallery.

Between the Open and Close of Inside Out

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Last week Guy Morgan's Inside Out at Disorder opened with a uniquely immersive event.

With projections and a soundscape by James Varley-Ross, and poems read by author Luke Whitington, each curated to compliment Guy Morgan's mixed myriad of paintings, the opening event extended from inside Disorder Gallery, out to our adjoining yard and the streets beyond.

If you missed our opening, you'll have another opportunity to check out this collaborative event during the closing of Inside Out this Saturday June 30th 6-8pm at Disorder Gallery.



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Inside Out at Disorder is award-winning painter Guy Morgan’s first solo show in Sydney for more than two years. Comprising more than 15 oil on canvas works, the show features a combination of interior and exterior subjects, including informal portraits together with urban, rural and domestic landscapes.

Guy’s work has appeared in State, Regional and Commercial Galleries across Australia since his first appearance as an Archibald Prize finalist in 2013. Two years later, he was one of only three artists who appeared as a finalist in both the Archibald and Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.

Inside Out features two special events:
OPENING Friday June 22nd 6-8pm
CLOSING Saturday June 30th 6-8pm

In collaboration with Vivid artist James Varley-Ross and renowned poet Luke Whitington,* these two special events will feature multi-point projections, environmental sounds and spoken word presentations, extending the reach of this show from the inside to the out. 

Make sure you experience what will be unforgettable, innovative happenings at Disorder Gallery

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*Luke Whitington’s book "only fig and prosciutto" is published by ginninderra press.

Urbanism at Disorder Gallery

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Bringing together bits and pieces of the world around us, Jeremy Alaban portrays a unique perspective on the character of city living. 


Jeremy Alaban's 'Urbanism' Opens May 31st from 6-8pm and will run through June 16th.

Jeremy's work will also be on display during the upcoming Art Night Walk East Sydney. Wednesday June 6th from 6-8pm, Disorder Gallery joins 9 other local galleries in keeping our doors open for visitors to warm up with a bit of art and glass of wine. 


So whether you come to the opening night of 'Urbanism' or join us for the Winter Art Night Walk, be sure to stop by Disorder Gallery to take in a bit of landscape.

Bringing Sculptural Structure to Disorder

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Picking up the threads of minimalism, kinetic art and optical art from the 60s, the work of Alan Rose is reminiscent of a time when art became less about the emotional state of the artist than the mental state of the viewer. The approach to his unique sculptural pieces links with Sol LeWitt’s conceptualism, where “planning and decision-making are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair”. 

Using no direct representation, Alan’s art operates from the universal to the particular and investigates the boundary between order and chaos.


Join us for the opening of D/O.15 Alan Rose on May 3rd 6-8pm at Disorder Gallery.

Sarah White's Imagined Illustrations

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Sarah White's Imagined Illustrations opened to a great crowd last week. With 29 original ink drawings on display, there was no shortage of beautifully detailed images for viewers to enjoy.

With graphic simplicity and intricate line work, Sarah presents the essential essence of each image. Like a frame from a film or a snapshot from a fashion shoot, she captures a moment of emotion with a hint of elegance.  Her crisp imagery, inspired by fashion and fantasy, invites the viewer to see a bit of themselves in the imagined stories presented.

Sarah White's Imagined Illustrations is on now through April 28th at Disorder Gallery and her collection of drawings is also available in our online catalogue