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With the start of spring and the comencement of Disorder Does, Disorder Gallery will be open more hours, offering you more opportunities to see what Disorder Does.

Our current exhibition features new works from Michael Saker, Jeremy Alaban, Dave Teer, and a special selection from the Disorder Collection. But don't wait too long to visit, as we will continue to rotate our selection of works throughout the rest of the month.

Drop in anytime during our new hours...

  • Wednesday 12-6pm
  • Thursday 3-7pm
  • Friday 12-6pm
  • Saturday 12-6pm

...and bring home your own little bit of Disorder.


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 Detail from Michael Saker's 'ARIZE I AM ONE' available now in Disorder Gallery's online shop

Detail from Michael Saker's 'ARIZE I AM ONE' available now in Disorder Gallery's online shop

Disorder Gallery presents a bold mix of works from our favorite local artists, alongside a special selection from the Disorder stockroom.

Opening in conjunction with this Spring's Art Night Walk East Sydney, Disorder welcomes all art walkers and guests to peruse our diverse collection of works from local and international artists.

Please join us on Wednesday September 5th from 6-8pm to enjoy Art Night East Sydney and see a little bit of what Disorder Does.

 Detail from Jeremy Alaban's 'Sensor VI' available now in Disorder Gallery's online shop

Detail from Jeremy Alaban's 'Sensor VI' available now in Disorder Gallery's online shop

This regular pocket walk, happening the first Wednesday of every season, is brought to you by 8 galleries in East Sydney. 

ARO Gallery
APY Art Centre Collective
Chalk Horse
Conny Dietzschold Gallery

Disorder Gallery
Watters Gallery
Stanley Street Gallery
Liverpool Street Gallery

Free maps of all locations participating in 'Art Night Walk East Sydney' will be available in each gallery on the night, or you can download your own copy here courtesy of Stalney Street Gallery.


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Conversations about art and life are central to the long term friendship of Dave Teer and Stuart Humphreys. Over the years, they’ve been lucky enough to discuss, develop and explore ideas regarding their respective art practices, which ultimately become aspects of their work. 


Dave Teer

My offering began life with the idea of a joint collage exhibition and continued on with myself diverging into the world of enamel spray paint and stencils. The final works are an amalgam of motifs derived from maps, street discards and other physical remnants of everyday work life for me. They are both what's left behind, what has been lost, and what is yet to be discovered.


Untitled III.jpg

Stuart Humphreys

I use my paintings as raw material for collage. There is something in the way the paint has been applied and the palette I use, that ties the pieces together. Nearly all of the paintings in my collages were originally created as paintings in their own right. My paintings have largely been abstract in nature, so for some of the works in this exhibition to appear as representational as they do, is quite a surprise to me. There is a lightness and simplicity in the work which appeals to me and a significant shift in my usual approach, which is to discard any elements that could be interpreted as a representation of something recognisable.  


Two Views is a representation of Dave Teer and Stuart Humphreys continued conversations and friendship - long may it carry on. Please join us for opening night of Two Views, Thursday August 16th from 6-8pm at Disorder Gallery