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Derby, Decks, Dark Dolls and Dark Disco at Disorder

D/O, Opening, EventElliott Cole

Electric Pin Ups and Acid Soda, the latest exhibition from artist and designer LIPSTIK, opened this week at Disorder Gallery.  The crowd, led in by ladies on roller skate, were treated to LIPSTIK's decadent designs along with luscious live beats from SEX DATA.

'Electric Pin Ups and Acid Soda' features a huge range of unique designs available as prints, skate decks, t-shirts and even product packaging.  These works are only available at Disorder Gallery and will only be on display until the end of February. So be sure to stop by and pick-up the LIPSTIK of your choice while you still can.


Opening, Event, D/OElliott Cole

Disorder Gallery launches into 2018 with Fast food, Neon signs, Disco, Roller Derby, Voodoo, Luxury & Decadence, brought to you by artist and designer LIPSTIK


Born in France in 1976, LIPSTIK has conducted graphic research since 2000, inspired by the late 70’s Soft Porn and Junk Culture. His mutant Pin-ups, such as timeless amazons, pose in a flashy, super-sexy and pre-apocalyptic world in which technical graphic symbols from packaging turn into metaphysical abstractions. Ecstasy, lust and fetishized consumer goods become one.

In a unique retro-futuristic aesthetic sourced from street and skateboard culture, Punk and Pop art, the artist combines photomontage with vector graphics. The pure lines and the skin rendering delicacy of Art Nouveau female models merge with the electric colours and style of the 80’s airbrush painting. 

LIPSTIK, iconic figure of Montreal’s underground art scene, will be taking over Disorder Gallery on February 1st with “Electric Pin Ups & Acid Soda” This unique exhibition combines graphics, video, music and LIPSTIK’s unique brand of ‘products’. 

“Electric Pin-Ups & Acid Soda” opens on February 1st from 6-8pm complemented by live music from the futuristic, psychedelic, SEX DATA.


FRIDA LAS VEGAS 'The Bold & The Beautiful'

D/O, Event, OpeningElliott Cole

Disorder Gallery is excited to announce its upcoming show D/O.4 'The Bold & The Beautiful' from Sydney based Artist and Designer FRIDA LAS VEGAS.

FRIDA LAS VEGAS 'The Bold & The Beautiful'

FRIDA LAS VEGAS, aka Stavroula Adameitis, will bring her unique, humorous and glamorous brand of Australian Pop Art to Disorder Gallery for her first solo art exhibition.

'The Bold & The Beautiful' will feature a collection of original FRIDA LAS VEGAS artworks and limited-edition prints celebrating the excesses of the 1980s, referencing everything from ‘Double Bay glamazons’ to the much-loved characters from the world’s most-watched soap opera of all time, The Bold & The Beautiful.

A heightened 1980s aesthetic defines the FRIDA LAS VEGAS razzle-dazzle universe of turbocharged V8 glamour, celebrating all things flashy and trashy across the mediums of visual art, illustration, fashion, video & jewellery.

“Glamour is a universal language that transcends generations. Growing up in suburban Australia during the late 1980s, I idolized larger-than-life women whose hair was only eclipsed in height by the cloud of perfume they left behind", says Stavroula.

"Creating wearable art in jewellery form was the first stage of the FRIDA LAS VEGAS journey, so it was a natural progression to upscale my vision to the walls of Disorder Gallery. I'm super stoked to share this next step of my creative journey and move upwards and onwards into an infinitely more fabulous future of electronic deluxe pop".

Opening night will feature a scent installation by Jasmine award-winning fragrance writer and scent maker, Ainslie Walker of Scentsmith in collaboration with FRIDA LAS VEGAS.

'The Bold & The Beautiful' Opens Thursday August 3rd from 6pm-8pm, find us on facebook to RSVP for the event so you too join the 'The Bold & The Beautiful'.