Disorder Gallery


Catherine Hourihan

Ethereal Energy Inside The Disorder

D/OElliott Cole

Catherine Hourihan's The Silent Thoughts of Statues opened last night to a crowd of friends and fans alike, who poured into Disorder Gallery while it poured outside. 

Catherine's skilfully crafted photographs, exploring perceptions surrounding sensuality of the body, ageing, mortality and the feminine psyche, have brought a breath of ethereal air to Disorder Gallery. These beautiful works, available as signed limited edition prints, will be on display through April 7th. So be sure to stop by Disorder Gallery to take home your own slice of the silence.


D/O, Event, OpeningElliott Cole

Disorder Gallery brings you a multi-media, performative, photographic exhibition from Catherine Hourihan with The Silent Thoughts of Statues.


Pushing photography to the edge, Catherine Hourihan takes the viewer on a walk down the light and the dark side. Through ethereal ‘hi key’ portraits, evoking sublime purity, and shadowy, sensual imagery, this exhibition explores the interior of the feminine psyche.

Surreal, otherworldly imagery is created through artful lighting, makeup and effects created in camera with minimal use of Photoshop. Hourihan works with dancer models and accesses her own dance background to make arresting, visceral, imagery that investigates perceptions surrounding the sensuality of the body, ageing and mortality.

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The Silent Thoughts of Statues opens on Thursday March 22nd from 6-8pm and will run through April 7th only at Disorder Gallery.