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Painting Outside the Lines

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Disorder Gallery is ‘disrupting the regular’ once again, with new paintings by Ivor Cole in Art in The Modern World.  This bold, brilliantly executed work, showcases Cole's unique take on Modern Art complemented by his unmistakeable cheeky humour.


Imagine Andy Warhol’s last soup can finally being opened, Jackson Pollock working with new brushes and Jaspers Johns’ iconic "Flag" being invaded by the red star. Cole says this exhibition is his way of “paying homage to the painters that opened my eyes, pulling me away from the Constable prints that were splayed on living room walls as I grew up in South London. These works represent some of the 20th century artists that I most respect... but with a twist”

Ivor Cole under his painting "The Poet Smiles" at Disorder Gallery

Ivor Cole under his painting "The Poet Smiles" at Disorder Gallery

In Cole's own words "This exhibition is by way of an homage to the artists that shook my way of seeing and set me on a road that I am still traveling. Art in the 20th century, visual art, changed the way we view the world. It picked up the mantle from the movements of the 19th century and challenged our complacency as an audience. It shook the apple tree and exotic fruit fell. We are still dining on this fruit."

Art in the Modern World is up now through December 10th and available to preview in Disorder Gallery's online shopArt in the Modern World will also be on display during the upcoming East Sydney Art Night Walk.  So be sure to join us on December 6th from 6-8pm for a glass of wine with a twist of humor.