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Monsieur M Has Left The Building
Ivor Cole Oil on Canvas 500 x 700mm "The apple is consumed but the core remains, and always will." - Ivor Cole
The Model And The Portrait
Ivor Cole Oil on Canvas 500 x 700mm "A simple swap, painting becomes model, model becomes portrait." - Ivor Cole
Bye Andy
Ivor Cole of the Dadists. Called Pop, to me it's DaDa. Here is a farewell to the DaDa/Pop master" - Ivor Cole
The Road To Great Art Is Paved With Good Pretensions
Ivor Cole Oil on Canvas 600 x 800mm "Strewn along the path the canvasses of the 20th century lie waiting for a wall. The world of the artist has changed. Now bigger is better, where to from here?" - Ivor Cole
Brancusi Be Broken
Ivor Cole Oil on Canvas 600 x 800mm "Hollow" Brancusi " statues available from homeware outlets, now you can take one home and put it on your dresser and pretend. After the classic sculptors and Rodin, Brancusi asked us to adopt a new way of looking, and we have." - Ivor Cole
Oh Roy, Don't Stop You're Driving Me Dotty
Ivor Cole show. In the Pop movement Roy Lichtenstein's humour speaks tome the loudest.." - Ivor Cole
Joan Is Pleased When Alexander Comes To Call
Ivor Cole Oil on Canvas 600 x 800mm "Miro's images stretched my appreciation of "modern art". It was some time before I "got" them. The seeming simplicity that belies the intellectual intent is evident in "Ballerina 2" and the enigmatic beetle image that appears gave me the link." - Ivor Cole
Piet Goes Outside The Lines
Ivor Cole Oil and Enamel on Canvas 500 x 700mm "Mondrian's tight primary coloured work, to me, seemingly trapped the artist in a web of conformity but at the same time he pushed the boundaries, challenging the critics and the audience alike. Here he relaxes, but only for a moment." - Ivor Cole
Going Home Keith Finds Inspiration
Ivor Cole Oil and Enamel On Canvas 600 x 500mm "Keith Haring's early images put me in mind of "cissing", the effect of too heavy a coat of enamel paint. More defined, but still that image remains with me. So, here is a New York subway wall replete with graffiti and "cissing"" - Ivor Cole
Jacksons New Brushes
Ivor Cole Oil, Enamel Acrylic and Duco On Canvas 800 x 400mm "Imagining Pollock's studio floor, the edge of the canvas, paint cans and brand new brushes, too big. He preferred to work with small 1" brushes. It seems like a mess, but from it came intricate mesmerising images." - Ivor Cole
Strike A Light It's Brett
Ivor Cole Oil on Canvas 500 x 700mm "Brett Whiteley's cobalt blue, his attention to detail without thrusting it in your face. His ability to make the complex look simple. Three reasons for me to make this work. The sculpture that I first saw outside his Surrey Hills studio, to me, epitomised all those things. There lies a broken brush, homage to a great Australian master." - Ivor Cole
The Poet Smiles
Ivor Cole that first opened my eyes to another world." - Ivor Cole
Lunch With Monsieur M
Ivor Cole Oil on Canvas 500 x 600mm "Of all the painters that captured me early in my life, two stand alone. James Whistler (not included in this show) and Rene Magritte. As one strolls through the cavernous halls of major galleries surrounded by the great and good, I defy you not to stop at any Magritte. A tiny one will do, and many are small, I have based this piece on "The Legend Of The Centuries" A lesser known work but one which speaks loudly." - Ivor Cole
The Gift of Disorder
; Boyd Sanday, Mike Smith, Ivor Cole, Bill Davies, Rob Brown, FRIDA LAS
Painting Outside the Lines
Ivor Cole with a twist” Ivor Cole under his painting "The Poet Smiles" at Disorder Gallery In Cole's own words Disorder Gallery is ‘disrupting the regular’ once again, with new paintings by Ivor Cole in Art in
Ivor Cole Ivor Cole, one of the Infants Terribles of the 70's and 80's Sydney art scene, is back with a new
Inspiration? Bloody Inspiration
Ivor Cole
Room With A Loo
Ivor Cole
Stele Life
Ivor Cole
Floating Finds
Ivor Cole
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