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Celebrate the end of the year with Disorder!

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Disorder Gallery is celebrating the end of 2018 in style with both a party and a sale! Want to join the celebration? Here's how...

Join us for our final event of the year… 

Thursday December 13th from 5pm - 8pm

and purchase your favorite work on sale!

From Thursday December 13th until Saturday December 15th receive 10% off almost everything in the collection. 

 Detail from Michael Saker’s ‘FK DUCK’

Detail from Michael Saker’s ‘FK DUCK’

For the first time since opening our doors, Disorder Gallery will be offering almost all of our stock at a 10% discount when you purchase in the gallery.

The work doesn't have to be on display for you to take advantage of this offer. Just come in during our sale and tell us which of the many pieces from The Disorder Collection you're interested in. Now is the time to snap up that piece you've been admiring.

So don’t forget to join us for...

The Disorder Celebration

December 13th 5pm-8pm


The Disorder Sale

December 13th 5pm-8pm
December 14th 12pm-6pm
December 15th 12pm-6pm



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Ivor Cole's latest exhibition 'On The Square' is all about that... literally!... a mixed collection of thirty paintings in either 30x30cm or 60x60cm square. And though they may be contained in shape, there is no limit to subject, with each completely unique painting complemented by Ivor's detailed hand and characteristicly cheeky humor.

 Ivor Cole’s ‘Yonder’ 30 x 30 cm

Ivor Cole’s ‘Yonder’ 30 x 30 cm

Ivor states "Working with smaller sized canvases posed a new way of thinking. Coming from a scenic art background both the square and smaller format was a challenge. The idea of telling a story within limited perimeters proved to be not only challenging but also exciting."

After dropping out of the limelight during the 90's Cole was, in his own words, "beavering away in the studio recovering from a miasma of drugs and several tempestuous relationships". 

At the turn of the millennia Cole upped sticks and moved far from Sydney to the top end - Darwin. As well as showing in several galleries in Darwin, he says he was "working away on behalf of the mostly neglected Territory artists and producing copious new works". 

In 2003 Cole formed the Gallery Sometimes project in Darwin showcasing local artists working in the western style. Gallery Sometimes was a series of pop ups, at one time running 15 spaces in the CBD. He also secured the first legal street art site in central Darwin. 

Now residing in Bali for most of the year, in 2016 he was invited to join the Bali Artists Camp, a government sponsored art initiative, as the sole non Indonesian artist. 

 Ivor Cole’s ‘Provenance’ 30 x 30 cm

Ivor Cole’s ‘Provenance’ 30 x 30 cm

Ivor Cole's 'On The Square' opens October 18th from 6-8pm and will be on display through November 3rd at Disorder Gallery.


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Conversations about art and life are central to the long term friendship of Dave Teer and Stuart Humphreys. Over the years, they’ve been lucky enough to discuss, develop and explore ideas regarding their respective art practices, which ultimately become aspects of their work. 


Dave Teer

My offering began life with the idea of a joint collage exhibition and continued on with myself diverging into the world of enamel spray paint and stencils. The final works are an amalgam of motifs derived from maps, street discards and other physical remnants of everyday work life for me. They are both what's left behind, what has been lost, and what is yet to be discovered.


Untitled III.jpg

Stuart Humphreys

I use my paintings as raw material for collage. There is something in the way the paint has been applied and the palette I use, that ties the pieces together. Nearly all of the paintings in my collages were originally created as paintings in their own right. My paintings have largely been abstract in nature, so for some of the works in this exhibition to appear as representational as they do, is quite a surprise to me. There is a lightness and simplicity in the work which appeals to me and a significant shift in my usual approach, which is to discard any elements that could be interpreted as a representation of something recognisable.  


Two Views is a representation of Dave Teer and Stuart Humphreys continued conversations and friendship - long may it carry on. Please join us for opening night of Two Views, Thursday August 16th from 6-8pm at Disorder Gallery